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Lastest News
Holiday time
Published on 06-08-2021

Dear members,

I'll be on a 2 weeks leave until 22th of August, during these 2 weeks things like tickets and payments will go through as usually but at a slower rate then you might be used to.

For all others who will have a holiday ahead as well, I wish you a happy holiday!

Important: Bitcoin withdrawals
Published on 25-04-2021

Dear members,

Bitcoin miners fee keeps rising, therefor Bitcoin withdrawals will be disabled until the fee becomes more normal.

Important update.
Published on 16-11-2020

Because of heavy abuse by publishers their members,
all access to the offerwall by blacklisted IP's or VPN will be blocked starting today.

This will no longer be tolerated as it effects on advertisers is huge,
I ask you as publisher to prevent this kind and other kinds of abuse,
otherwise your api will be deactivated and your due balance will not be paid

Important: Bitcoin withdrawals
Published on 02-10-2020

Dear publishers,

Currently the Bitcoin miners fee (to send transactions) is too high to send transactions normally (The fee is up to $6.00 per transaction).
Therefor, Bitcoin payments will be combined until the fee drops back to normal, this means transactions will comfirm slower.

You still can make your withdrawal in Bitcoin, but these remain uncomfirmed for a longer time then usual for the above mentioned reasons to keep the withdrawal fee low.

Advertising your Rotate4all url
Published on 25-09-2020

Dear advertisers,

Currently many of you advertise your Rotate4all PTP link in Offers4all.
Ofcourse we are happy to publish all your advertisements, but currently the Rotate4all links are getting out of hand by filling up 60% of all advertisements.
As you can imagine, this is in no way good for Rotate4all itself, their advertisers and our publishers.

Everyone can from today only advertise his Rotate4all link once.

If these precausions are not taken, it is likely Offers4all will end up Rotate4all blacklist.

Best regards,